EnControl System for rural, remote and isolated mining communities.

Challenges: High cost of electricity and energy

Due to their isolated location, remote communities, mining operations and sometimes rural communities are often solely dependent on diesel for their energy needs. As a result, these energy consumers incur high energy bills due to the cost of diesel and its transportation over long distances.

Facts: Rural & remote households pay over two times the Canadian average for electricity.

Altogether, Canadian remote communities use more than 90 million litres of diesel fuel each year to generate electricity (Pembina). In northern Ontario, for example, the average home consumes about 159 litres of diesel every year for heat and electricity, which costs them approximately $3000 annually – more than twice the Canadian average (Pembina).

Requirements: Diesel or gas power system that seamlessly incorporate renewables

Offsetting dependency on expensive diesel is possible by deploying hybrid renewable power systems such as wind and/or solar coupled with energy storage systems. Such generation solutions can be achieved, but would require robust energy management and control systems. These technologies can ensure that the hybrid power systems are operated smoothly and efficiently while minimizing overall diesel consumption.

Solution: Advanced control system to minimize diesel consumption while ensuring system stability.

Our EnControl System works to optimize diesel, energy storage and renewable energy operations through its adaptive control algorithm that seamlessly transitions between energy sources depending on availability.

Results: Reduced diesel consumption, lower energy costs, and a cleaner energy system.