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Flexible energy solutions for today and tomorrow. 

Our present demands that we deploy reliable and resilient energy systems. Our future demands that we use clean and sustainable energy solutions. At the intersection of these two needs lie the power systems of hybrid renewable microgrids and nanogrids. Such power systems make it easy for all stakeholder to switch to renewable energy sources.

ADAPTR is enabling the build out of such hybrid renewable microgrids in order to simplify and accelerate energy transition for all!

Take control of your energy options.

It is possible today to design renewable power generation and energy storage systems to reliably meet the needs of consumers and utilities. These systems form the basis of hybrid renewable microgrids which add a valuable level of resiliency and control for their end consumer.

However, today’s approach to building renewable microgrid systems isn’t without its challenges. 

Why are hybrid renewable microgrid projects difficult to build?

Hint, its not only technical challenges.


The obvious challenge facing hybrid microgrid projects is that they are technically complex to design. However, a greater hurdle for uptake of such projects is lack of certainty around performance which make these projects difficult to finance. The myriad of known-unknowns and unknown-unknowns also make the development process highly iterative. As a result, such projects are currently built only for mission critical systems, such as hospitals and military, and grant funded initiatives.

A better approach is needed! ADAPTR is transforming the approach to design, develop, finance and operate hybrid renewable projects that enable greater market application. 

We leverage our past to help you design a better future.

We are a young company with deep expertise. The team came together to solve the challenges inherent in hybrid power projects and microgrid systems. Together we bring technical, financial, commercial, and development expertise to ensure silo-free problem-solving in deploying power plants of the future.

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